A frontier land of warlords and cutthroats, upon which members of the ancient races are said to still roam.

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Graphic sketch rendered using the Heroes of Might and Magic Complete Map Editor by 3DO.

Geographic Names

Continent: Yawacor

Regions: Lorrehaim (Northland), Wylddeor (Southland)

Cities/Settlements --

Lorrehaim: Billak Mar, Kasseri, Vagarbound

Wylddeor: Latymir, Myniah, Neak-Thur, Razorport, Sydwahr

Mountain Ranges: Dragontail, Trollslay, Wyvern Spur

Mountain Passes: Dragonscale Cleft, Goblin Reach, Serpent Reach

Forests: Dragonwood (Rogues' Forest), Splinterwood (Forgotten Forest), Widowwood (Nymphs' Forest), Witchwood (Forbidden Forest)

Lakes: Lake Tanir

Rivers: Nehar River, Tanir River

Oceans: Oloron Sea

Miscellaneous: Aefengaard, Bastion, Nest, Shattercove, Shimmeril


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