Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey

Digging through the closet the other day, I came across an old book, Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey. Anyone else remember these? Amusing sayings that, as far as I know, began as micro segments on “Saturday Night Live.” When I was in college, they were on greeting cards that I mailed

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Robin Hood

I’m often about 3-4 weeks behind in my viewing of theatrical releases, mostly because I like to wait until the crowds have thinned… giving me a better chance to listen to the movie rather than the guy munching on popcorn and candy behind me, who seems to take pride in telling

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Inspiration from Art

In chatting with other authors, I’ve found that the most common question a writer is asked is, “Where do you get your ideas?” The most common answer? Anywhere and everywhere. We get them from history and current events, from the books we read, movies we watch, and music we listen

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NY Writers Perfect Pitch Conference

One of the most useful steps I took in the road to getting published was to attend writers conferences. It’s something I recommend to all up-and-coming writers who are having trouble getting their work to that next level. Since not all writers conferences are created equally, here’s a review from one that

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Asahiel on the iPad

As most have probably heard, Apple released its iPad recently to much fanfare. As with any new Apple product, there is now a proud minority of technology users running around showing off their fancy new gizmo. Case in point, the following photos, sent by a friend who wanted to show

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“Thorns” Now Available Online

Back in the spring of 2002, at a writers retreat in Italy, I wrote a short story for the anthology Pronto! Writings from Rome. In 2007, my brother Neil and his editor friend, C. Eric Powell, were looking to produce a short film, and chose this story as their source material. Loooong

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