When: Mar 8 – Mar 10, 2013 Where: Town and Country Resort Hotel, San Diego, CA. ConDor celebrates its twentieth year as San Diego’s longest-running convention dedicated to science fiction & fantasy. The theme for ConDor 20 will be “There and Back Again: Journeys in Fantasy and Science Fiction.” From the ConDor website: ConDor is an annual science fiction/fantasy convention. It’s held in San Diego, CA, around the end of February. We have authors, agents, TV shows, costumes, dealers, artists, actors, games, RPGA, dances, concerts, and Harry Potter programming. There’s a lot to see and do and only three days to do it all. The convention is scheduled to feature Guest of Honor Connie Willis, winner of eleven Hugo Awards and eight Nebula Awards. Connie was inducted to the Science Fiction Museum and Science Fiction Hall of Fame in 2009, and received the Damon Knight Memorial Grand Master Award at the Nebula Awards Weekend in May 2012. For more information, visit http://www.condorcon.org. For those who are attending, you should be able to catch Eldon at any of the following scheduled events:

2:00 PM
Room: Crescent

The Hero’s Journey in SF&F

Created as a concept for analyzing mythologies, the Hero’s Journey can also be applied
to literature and sometimes is even consciously used for its creation.

Panelists: David Brin, Bruce McAllister, Eldon Thompson, Michael Underwood, Scott Norton

10:00 AM
Room: Eaton

The Quest as a Trope in Fantasy Literature

Arthur’s knights sought the Holy Grail (as did Indiana Jones). Frodo Baggins wanted to dispose of a
problematic item of jewelry. A look at how the quest concept has been used in fantasy and science fiction.

Panelists: Sheila Finch, Eldon Thompson, Michael Underwood, Tamara Thorne, Sherwood Smith

11:00 AM
Room: Brittany

World Building 3

How might you go about creating an alien culture? How does the already established biology of your aliens
affect this? Are you just going to modify one or two factors of human culture, or grow a society from scratch?

Panelists: Eldon Thompson, Art Holcomb, David J. Peterson, Juliette Wade, Lillian Csernica

2:00 PM
Room: Garden Salon 2

Coinage of the Realm: Invented Words in Science Fiction and Fantasy

In SF&F, sometimes modern English isn’t enough. You need words for concepts and items that don’t exist
in our world. Or perhaps you want to use different words just to emphasize that this isn’t our world.
(Swear words are often useful for this.) How writers have incorporated such language. What is too much?

Panelists: William Stoddard, Vernor Vinge, David J. Peterson, Eldon Thompson