The Next Big Thing

Media: Internet Radio

Issue: October 22, 2008 (Show 291005)

Radio talkshow host Tori Cox recently featured Eldon in an episode of her entertainment blogtalk radio show: The Next Big Thing. From Tori’s website:

The TNBT Zone

We’re taking control of your computer. Do not attempt to adjust your settings or browse further sites. You are now entering…”The TNBT Zone.” Tonight on TNBT we are ready to geek out with the best and brightest of the Sci-Fi and Fantasy genres. Author Eldon Thompson will tell us about his “Legend of Asahiel” trilogy (published by HarperCollins) and about what it’s like to turn the work of his mentor, Terry Brooks, into a major screenplay for Warner Brothers. Then Director Leigh Scott (Flu Bird Horror, Dead Men Walking, The Beast of Bray Road) talks Sci-Fi Channel, H. P. Lovecraft, and moviemaking in Louisiana. We’ll also be joined by Stephanie Young, media coordinator for “Rock the Vote” and special musical guests Carbon Leaf. This is a show you won’t want to miss…