the Obsidian Key

Book Two of the Legend of Asahiel


Romance Junkies 2006

Jarom of Diln, now Torin King of Alson never wanted to be king of anything. He found the legendary Crimson Sword only to save his land from an evil wizard and a Demon Queen. Unfortunately, by retrieving the sword he opened a door to the underworld that will put his world at risk yet again.

Allion, Torin’s best friend, and now regent, didn’t want the responsibility of running a country. Heck, he didn’t even want to go on the first quest and leave their forest home. He most especially didn’t want Torin dumping the responsibility of a land filled with external and internal strife upon him while the boy king went on yet another harrowing adventure. But what choice did he have? The world was at risk from a deadly, otherworldly foe, and only Torin and the Crimson Sword could stop them.

As Torin and Allion travel on their separate but equally dire missions, the world spins out of control. Can they solve their missions in time? Will they find the answers they seek continents apart? And should they succeed will the world ever be the same?

Eldon Thompson writes a fantasy epic that will draw you into a spectacular world filled with conniving enemies, furious battles, mystical creatures, and a blazing sword. As you follow along with Torin and Allion, you can’t help but wish for them to succeed. With every betrayal your heart will leap to your throat and send your pulse racing. THE OBSIDIAN KEY is the sequel to THE CRIMSON SWORD, and I highly recommend reading the books in order to understand this fantastic world.

— Cat Cody, Romance Junkies

SciFiChick July 2008

The Obsidian Key, by Eldon Thompson, is the sequel to The Crimson Sword. King Torin must embark on a quest to find a long-forgotten race of people. While his friend Allion, Torin’s fiancé and her father join together on a journey of their own. With dangerous enemies around every corner, no one can be trusted. And Torin even has enemies within his own kingdom. For back at home, another seeks to usurp King Torin’s throne and claim it as his own.

This sequel is even better than the first. Torin’s journey is long, with many pitfalls, and gains several friends as well as enemies along the way. Meanwhile, Torin’s friend and betrothed have some unique experiences of their own, with foreseeable consequences. The Obsidian Key contains everything a great fantasy story should: magic, unique races as well as the well-known, danger, intrigue, quests, and relationships that grow and change. With plenty of suspense and surprises, this epic fantasy will leave you breathless after a climactic ending. And reaching for the 3rd in the series, The Divine Talisman, which releases today from Eos Books.

— Angela Schuch,