the Ukinhan Wilds

Book One of the Warder Trilogy


Publishers Weekly (August 7, 2020)

Thompson (The Legend of Asahiel) kicks off his Warder series with this adrenaline-charged fantasy adventure. While searching for a passage at sea, rogue swordsman Kylac Kronus chances upon a promising quest when he rescues sailor Sallun from a traitorous band of Addaran Shadowguards. In exchange for saving his life, Sallun introduces Kylac to his crew, who were tasked with finding and safely returning the abducted Princess Denariel to her father. Their captain, Ledron, taps Kylac to serve as their mission’s defense against an intelligent mutant called the Ukinh. They rescue the princess with little fuss, but their long sea voyage back to her kingdom brings them first to treacherous waters, then through the Ukinhan Wilds, the “homeland to the mutants.” And when they finally arrive in Denariel’s home kingdom, Kylac realizes that there is more to the story of her abduction than first meets the eye. Though the plot is electrifying, Kylac himself remains an enigma, which will frustrate some readers. Still, Thompson’s dense, atmospheric worldbuilding and cinematic fight scenes will keep the pages turning. Fantasy fans won’t want to put this down.

BookLife Reviews (March 29, 2021)

This fast-paced fantasy is a blood-soaked, no-holds-barred battle for survival that keeps its characters and readers guessing. Fans of intense action and heroes facing impossible odds and terrifying foes will readily join teen warrior Kylac’s caravan through a perilous fantasy world.

Fantasy Book Critic (August 31, 2019)

The entirety of this book is one wild expedition, fraught with horrors and peril at every. Single. Turn. A thrilling tale of adventure, treachery, and courage, The Ukinhan Wilds delivers us from the throes of a hungry sea, to shattered shores, to humid swamps, to labyrinthine caves, and more, in order to deliver a kidnapped princess back to her father. However, there’s a consistent feeling that nothing is as it seems, which unravels into a larger underlying plot line that awaits further discovery. Solid writing, vividly painted landscapes, and truly terrifying baddies, this story was an unexpected and welcome treat.