A Kronus Tale


It’s said that the first kill is the hardest . . .

At the age of thirteen, fun-loving Kylac is already the most skilled bladesman among the vast halls of Talonar, the preeminent battle academy in all the lands of Pentania. But none of his prodigious talents seem sufficient to win the approval of his stern father, headmaster Rohn, who chafes at the mercy Kylac routinely shows his opponents.

When Rohn himself is arrested under dubious circumstances for the murder of a prominent nobleman, however, it is Kylac’s sense of pity and fairness that sets him on course for his first true test—of skills and of principles—against corrupt officials, treacherous rivals, and clandestine forces long held as a blight upon his shores . . .

Originally published in the bestselling anthology Unfettered from Grim Oak Press

Publisher: Grim Oak Press
Editor: Shawn Speakman
Cover Art: Todd Lockwood
First Edition: June 24, 2013
ISBN: 978-0-9847136-3-9