Anyone else go see this yet? What did you think? I watched it last night for the second time. Overall, pretty amazing. Part Jurassic Park, part Star Wars, part Lord of the Rings. Couldn’t help but wonder what a guy like Cameron would do at the helm of a Shannara film….

That’s not to say I’d  consider it one of my all-time favorites. First hour-and-a-half was interesting, but short on excitement. And the political message became heavy-handed near the end, as if I wasn’t intelligent enough to have figured it out on my own. Oh, and the story beats were very predictable. But I still found myself getting goosebumps in a couple of key moments that I’d seen coming from a mile away. That’s a sure sign of competent execution.

Has anyone seen the 3D version? I haven’t yet. I’ve always found 3D to be gimmicky and distracting. But much of the buzz around this one has to deal with its 3D technology, so I’m considering checking it out to see what all the hype is about.

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