Tap, tap. Hello? Does this thing still work? Let me just clear off these cobwebs… Ah, there, that’s better. Now, where was I?

Frightfully sorry for the prolonged radio silence. Anyone who knows me is already used to this. Anyone just tuning in, well, you’ll get used to it. I tend to drop off the radar every so often. Just change the channel in the meantime. I would.

Let’s blame the latest lapse on my ADD. Yes, I’ve been working on a couple projects, but they’re not ones I’m authorized to talk about yet. And yes, I’ve done some traveling, but mostly in regard to the work projects I can’t yet talk about. In between, I’ve developed an addiction to LEGO Star Wars and LEGO Indiana Jones video games on the Xbox 360, which isn’t something I’m particularly proud of, when most gamers my age (and half my age) are out there playing Halo and Call of Duty. Oh, and then there was that period of mourning when the pre-season favorite Florida Gators lost their SEC Championship game in humbling fashion to the Alabama Crimson Tide. Pains me just to write it, but there you go. I’m not much fun to be around when the Gators lose a meaningful contest, and this one was as meaningful as it gets in college football.

So, that’s been my life over the past six or seven weeks. I know I promised to try to be a little more diligent in updating this thing, but that was mostly for my mother’s benefit, and we’ve communicated (gasp!) on the phone during this stretch of time. So I’m in the clear there. I’ll just have to hope that the rest of you can forgive me, because I’m quite sure this won’t be the last time I have to apologize for going off the grid.

Anyway, shouldn’t you all be out shopping for last-minute holiday gifts? I would be, but the coal mines seem to be jam-packed this year, so I’m staying home to avoid the crowds.

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