It’s Not About Me

I give up.

I’ve never been susceptible to peer pressure, but after four years of nagging from friends, family and readers, I’m caving to the demands of those who have urged me to write a blog. What took me so long? Well, for one, I’ve never felt that the events of my daily life are interesting enough to make note of. And second, who has the time? As is, I spend the majority of my day staring at a computer screen, edging ever closer to arthritis in my fingers from the amount of typing I do. If I’m going to be slaving over a keyboard, shouldn’t I be working on the next book or screenplay, rather than filling up an electronic diary? It’s the future I’m concerned with, not making record of the past.

I’ve come to realize, however, that this really isn’t about me. It’s up to others to decide whether my thoughts are worth reading about. And with all the support that my friends, family, and readers have shown, it’s not so much to ask, I suppose, to spend 10-15 minutes a day keeping them apprised of my dealings.

So, here we go. To those of you who have been asking for this, sorry it took so long. I’ll keep it up as regularly as I can, for as long as my fingers hold out, and promise to do my best to make my life’s adventures seem more exciting than they really are. And if my mother ends up being the only one keeping tabs, well, that’s okay, too. Perhaps, in some small way, it’ll help to make up for all of those missed phone calls. 😉

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