Luke Cage Film Trailer

Anyone out there familiar with the Luke Cage character from Marvel Comics? I’m not. But a close friend of mine, Eric Thomas Wilson, is. Avid enough to assemble a team of filmmakers recently to shoot a teaser trailer for a prospective film, featuring himself in the lead role. Now, it turns out he’s not the first to do so. The “Old Spice” guy (Isaiah Mustafa) and a slew of hopeful amateurs seem to have beaten him to the punch. But, for my money, none of them pack the force with that punch that he does. Admittedly, I’m biased. Not only because of what I know of Eric’s talent and passion, but because the final version was written and directed by my brother Neil, and edited by another close friend, C. Eric Powell. Despite that full disclosure, I gotta say, they and the entire production team did some solid work on this, especially considering how quickly they threw it together. So I’m here to spread the word. Those of you with two-and-a-half minutes to spare, check it out, and judge for yourself. Should producer Neil Moritz and the powers that be at Marvel give this team due consideration for a crack at putting together the proposed Luke Cage feature? And, by all means, check out the competition, and tell me this isn’t the best crew currently angling for the job.

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