“Thorns” Now Available Online

Back in the spring of 2002, at a writers retreat in Italy, I wrote a short story for the anthology Pronto! Writings from Rome. In 2007, my brother Neil and his editor friend, C. Eric Powell, were looking to produce a short film, and chose this story as their source material. Loooong story short, the film was finished some time last spring, as I recall, and spent a year on the Hollywood circuit, airing in festivals as distant as Cannes and Strasbourg. Professional quality DVDs were produced, but were made available only to close friends and select industry insiders. In other words, very few have been able to watch the actual film… until now.

At long last, the full-length version of Neil Thompson’s Thorns is available for viewing at the film’s official website, thornsfilm.com. Bear in mind that it’s a short film, so don’t be expecting The Lord of the Rings or Avatar. But, as a sample of Neil’s directing skills and Eric’s editing skills (and the contributions of about 100 other folks in production and post-production), I think it holds up darn well. They certainly did a better job of making the story come to life than I did.

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