One of the most frequent questions any fantasy author hears is, “How do you pronounce the names in your book?” Often, I think folks make it harder than it is. But, let’s face it, when even the word “dove” can be read two different ways, I can see where something like “Asahiel” or “Ceilhigh” might throw some folks for a loop.

Thanks to my brother William, you no longer have to ask. My website has long contained lists of all artifacts, characters, and locations featured in my Asahiel books. But now, each of these names also contains an audio pronunciation. No matter how obvious (“Demons”) or obscure (“Rwom”), you can hear how I would pronounce these words. That doesn’t necessarily mean my pronunciations are correct. My brother would be happy to tell you that several of them, I’ve gotten wrong. Toe-MAY-toe, toe-MAH-toe, right? Just as in real life, pronunciation depends on many factors. So, if you want to say “ACE-uh-heel” instead of “AS-uh-heel,” don’t let me stop you. This is just meant as a reference guide for those who get frustrated with all of these unusual spellings.

And heck, if enough of you disagree with a particular pronunciation, you may just convince me to change it!

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