Warder Book Trailer

One benefit of having a filmmaker for a brother and an award-winning film editor as a friend is their ability to take a handful of still images and turn them into something, well, a bit more cinematic. So my thanks go out to Neil Thompson and Eric Powell for cobbling together the following book trailer for the new Kylac Kronus trilogy: Warder.

Director: Neil Thompson
Editor: C. Eric Powell
Artwork: Koveck, Dominick Domingo, Andy Simmons, Daren Horley

Ten Year Anniversary

And just like that, it’s been ten years since the Legend of Asahiel was published. Not the beginning, mind you, but the conclusion. Ask me how old I’m feeling today…

The Blackmoon Shards Now Available

On the heels of The Ukinhan Wilds, the second book in the Warder trilogy is now officially available. Anyone interested in the further adventures of Kylac Kronus can read the prologue, order online, or request autographed copies here.

On the Delay of Kylac

As a naive young reader, I grew accustomed to authors who routinely released a new book each and every year. Every now and then, I’d run up against one who would appear to take long breaks between series, if not titles, and it always left me wondering: Why? What was taking so long? What on …

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