Cover Art for "Unbowed" by Paul Carpenter

“Unbowed” Artist Paul Carpenter

Another artist to whom I owe a significant debt of thanks is the talented Paul Carpenter. Paul is perhaps best known as the proprietor of PompousPets.com, where he is commissioned to illustrate real pets in fantastical portraits. However, he took time out from these and other artistic endeavors to provide the cover art for the standalone ebook version of “Unbowed.” Previously, “Unbowed” had been featured only in the Unfettered anthology from Grim Oak Press. So when the time finally came to split it out on its own, it needed a cover specific to that story. Paul was gracious enough to provide that, and was so pleasant and easy to work with that I only wish I had more stories in need of cover images as striking and realistic as this:

Cover Art for “Unbowed” by Paul Carpenter

A goal of mine for the future, certainly. In the meantime, I leave you with a few images from Paul’s gallery, and encourage anyone who may be interested to contact him at PompousPets.com for work in this vein or any other.

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