“Unfettered” the Fight Song

For those who may have read or purchased Shawn Speakman‘s Unfettered, or are familiar with the writings or vocal stylings of author / Rock Lord Peter Orullian, or are fans of fantasy literature or music in general, I’m pleased to spread word of the release of “Unfettered” the song. As a further means of supporting Shawn in his fight against cancer and his resulting medical debt, Peter crafted a tune that incorporates lyrics inspired by each any every story contained in the anthology. Give it a listen:

Lyrics and song available at https://soundcloud.com/rock-lord-1/unfettered

To support cancer research, or even just applaud the effort, download the song from iTunes or Amazon. To learn how it all came about, I urge folks to read Peter’s blog entry on Tor.com, in which he describes the purpose and process in elaborate, insightful detail:


Rock on!

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