RMFW in Another’s Words

Here’s a link to another write-up about the RMFW conference. No, I’m not just mentioning it because the writer, Jenni Holbrook, happens to say nice things about me, but because it talks about what aspiring writers (and even professional ones) can expect to take away from such events. And I couldn’t have said it better …

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RMFW Wrap-up

I’m home from a trip to Denver, where I was invited to be one of the guest speakers at this year’s Colorado Gold Writers Conference, courtesy of the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers. I hadn’t heard of either the organization or its conference prior to the invitation — an admission that seemed to offend some of …

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H2 Film Premiere (Part 1: Arrival)

One of the perks to living in Los Angeles (as if the traffic, smog, earthquakes, fires, mudslides, gang activity, and occasional rioting weren’t benefit enough) is the opportunity to attend feature film premieres. Ordinarily, they’re not quite as glamorous as they may look on TV. But when this man extends you an invitation… …the inclination is …

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