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Waiting for Kylac

To this day, the first question I hear from anyone who manages to slog through the entirety of The Legend of Asahiel trilogy is: “What happened to Kylac?” Well, for those who may still be interested, I’m pleased to report that the answer to this question is finally set to be answered…

“Thorns” Featured in “Deep Magic”

Way back in the spring of 2002, at a time when I was looking everywhere for opportunities to improve my skills as a would-be writer, the Maui Writers Foundation held a week-long writers retreat in Rome, Italy. The plan was to have attendees tour various historical landmarks in search of inspiration, while working under the …

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MisCon Event Schedule

For those who may find themselves in the vicinity of Missoula, Montana over Memorial Day weekend (May 22-25), the full schedule of events for MisCon 29: The Wasteland has been posted online. If you plan on attending, or are considering doing so, check it out. As always, these things should be considered tentative, as unforeseen circumstances and conflicts …

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