RMFW in Another’s Words

Here’s a link to another write-up about the RMFW conference. No, I’m not just mentioning it because the writer, Jenni Holbrook, happens to say nice things about me, but because it talks about what aspiring writers (and even professional ones) can expect to take away from such events. And I

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RMFW Wrap-up

I’m home from a trip to Denver, where I was invited to be one of the guest speakers at this year’s Colorado Gold Writers Conference, courtesy of the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers. I hadn’t heard of either the organization or its conference prior to the invitation — an admission that

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Labor Day Weekend on the Oregon Coast

Anyone do anything exciting for the holiday weekend? I’m just returning from a brief visit to Oregon… something I’m reluctant to admit. Not because I have any major grievances with the Beaver State (cough — allergies, high property taxes, and an overzealous enforcement of speed limits — cough). It’s just

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Finding a Publisher

Yesterday, I sent a response to the following reader email:  “Hey Eldon, I have a question. Any advice you can give me about going about getting a publisher? I’ve gotten to write more the last couple weeks and I figured it might be a good idea to see about publishers,

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H2 Film Premiere (Part 3: The After Party)

I’m no party animal. I rarely drink alcohol; I’m a sissy when it comes to staying up late; and if I’m going to be socializing, I prefer to do it over card games, video games, or some other activity so I can feel like I’m maximizing my time. Clubs are even worse,

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H2 Film Premiere (Part 2: The Film)

So, about the movie. I loved it. I can’t claim to be a fan of slasher films, per se. Part of that is because my parents did their best to shelter me from such vile influences while growing up, meaning that I never had a chance to gain a proper

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