Favorite Comic-Con Moments #1

Lunch with Robert Jordan In my first appearance at Comic-Con as a published author, I found myself on a discussion panel about writing fight scenes, headlined by none other than the legendary author of The Wheel of Time, Robert Jordan.  I’d seen R.J. on a panel the year before, so I

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Favorite Comic-Con Moments #3

A Run-in with Christopher Paolini In late 2003, the biggest story in publishing was the runaway success of Christopher Paolini’s debut fantasy novel, Eragon.  In fact, I feel my own book deal was made possible, at least in part, by Eragon’s enormous popularity.  I say this because, in November of that year,

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Favorite Comic-Con Moments #4

Sneak Preview of 300 In the summer of 2006, hype was already building around the pending spring release of the film version of 300, based on Frank Miller’s graphic novel of the same name. Director Zack Snyder was on hand with Miller and actors Gerard Butler and David Wenham to promote the

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Favorite Comic-Con Moments #5

The Ghirardelli “Earthquake” Location, location, location. One of the best aspects of the San Diego Comic-Con is its proximity to the city’s historic Gaslamp District, a downtown area of restaurants, bars, and shopping as entertaining as the Las Vegas strip (minus the slot machines and pornographic flyers). My favorite hangout

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