HBO Greenlights “A Game of Thrones”

A couple of days ago, HBO finally made the announcement that fantasy enthusiasts have been waiting for, greenlighting an entire first season of George R. R. Martin’s wildly successful A Game of Thrones. Apparently, the order is for nine episodes in addition to the already completed pilot. Production is slated to begin in June this year, …

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Anyone else go see this yet? What did you think? I watched it last night for the second time. Overall, pretty amazing. Part Jurassic Park, part Star Wars, part Lord of the Rings. Couldn’t help but wonder what a guy like Cameron would do at the helm of a Shannara film…. That’s not to say I’d  consider it one of …

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H2 Film Premiere (Part 1: Arrival)

One of the perks to living in Los Angeles (as if the traffic, smog, earthquakes, fires, mudslides, gang activity, and occasional rioting weren’t benefit enough) is the opportunity to attend feature film premieres. Ordinarily, they’re not quite as glamorous as they may look on TV. But when this man extends you an invitation… …the inclination is …

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